Castlemaine Secondary College

Our Vision: “Students, Staff and Parents of Castlemaine Secondary College are resilient, responsible, creative and engaged in our local and global community. We are independent learners, striving to reach our potential.”

Castlemaine Secondary College is a multi-campus school which caters for approximately 630 students from Years 7 to 12 by providing a broad range of challenging programs for our diverse student population that is reflective of our broader community. The College has spent considerable time, energy and expertise developing programs which endeavour to best meet the needs of all of our students.

Our College is based around three pillars which underpin all of our goals and learning outcomes for students:  Personalisation, Relationships and Community.
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Every student has skills and talents that they need support form their families and teachers to develop. We are working to provide curriculum and learning opportunities both in the classroom and in community settings to encourage each student to achieve more than they thought possible. Through a diverse and rich set of curriculum offerings, students have the opportunity to try to identify their future pathways and learn the literacy, numeracy and specialist knowledge and skills they will need for their preferred future.


For learning to occur, students need to be in a safe and caring environment, and it is also important that students enjoy positive relationships with each other and with their teachers. To enhance relationships between and amongst students, teachers and parents, Castlemaine Secondary College has supportive school structures that are based on our Mentor Group program. All teaching staff work with a small group of students to personally support their overall development to communicate with their families about student learning and wellbeing.


Castlemaine Secondary College has developed strong links with a range of community partners. Our community partnerships are embedded within the teaching and learning program. They connect the College to the community.